February 6, 2017
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Look at you, all flush with smugness over sticking to your New Year’s diet. But while the pounds may be sliding off your body, are the years creeping onto your face? Dermatologists increasingly diagnose skin complaints based on a face-food link. So do dieticians; skin ailments give them a good clue as to what’s wrong with your diet. “Certain foods or drinks can affect the gut negatively, and as your skin is related to your digestive health, this can result in inflammation, oxidative stress and signs of ageing on your face,” says freelance dietician Kate Roberts. But before you roll your eyes and say, “Duh,” it’s not simply the usual culprits – gluten, dairy, wine and carbs – that are to blame for your gut/skin throwing a wobbly. It turns out that hallowed health foods such as fish, soya beans and even vegetables can cause trouble if you’re not careful. Surprised? We were. So if you want to learn how to avoid the skin-related pitfalls your health kick can bring, we suggest you read on…

Beauty – vegan wrinkles (PDF)