Time to finally say goodbye to under eye shadows? meet the #InstaEyeQueen Sabrina Shah-Desai

 July 5, 2016
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“No one ever got rid of dark circles by just drinking water and sleeping for 8 hours!” says Mrs Sabrina Shah-Desai – The London Eye-Rejuvenation Expert, which is why she has launched the new Eye-Boost Tear Trough Rejuvenation Treatment, hailed as The #InstaEyeQueen, Sabrina Shah-Desai has a waiting list of up to three months, consisting of social media stars, models, and celebrities queuing for the leading guru to turn back the hands of time on those pretty peepers.

But, what about us normal folk? ok, so we’re not Zoella or Cara Delvigne, but we’re pretty fed up with constant myths on line that say we can banish dark circles with sleep, water and an eye cream. So we decided to tackle the myths by asking the leading expert.

Here, Consultant Ophthalmologist and Aesthetic Oculoplastic Surgeon Mrs Sabrina-Desai, reveals all you need to know about the new revolutionary ‘Eye-Boost Tear Trough Treatment’ that helps to deliver diminished eye bags and dark circles, instantly, hence the treatment being hailed as The #InstaEyeJob,  Get excited – we are!

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