Male Eyelid Lifts (Male Blepharoplasty)

“Droopy Eyelids”
“Saggy Eyelids”
“Sagging Eyebrows”

The list can be daunting…Specially if you are a MAN

Our faces age for many reasons. It’s not only down to your genes as gravity plays a role too.

Most men have naturally low brows, which are T-shaped (vs. the high arched brow of a woman), and these can hood the eyes early. Hooded eyelids due to sagging upper lids/brows can affect the upper field of vision, akin to a horse wearing blinkers.


Male Blepharoplasty

Significant time spent outdoors in the sun, smoking and drinking accelerate normal aging changes, which tend to pull soft facial tissues downward.

Rejuvenating or plastic surgical procedures can be offered to these men in their forties or even younger.

However, in order to maintain a “rugged male look” it is important not to feminize the eyelids/brow.

Mrs. Shah-Desai uses techniques like setting the skin crease and stabilizing the brow fat pad internally, to avoid this and retain a masculine appearance naturally.