Combining the micro precision
of Ophthalmology,
with the Aesthetic concepts
of facial plastic surgery

Mrs. Shah-Desai has expertise in the surgical management of eyelid malposition’s, eyelid and facial lumps and high risk skin cancers, tear duct surgery for watery eyes, restorative eyelid surgery post facial palsy, blind eye removal & rehabilitative eye socket surgery to include orbital implants & fat grafts.

Common aesthetic procedures include eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty), scar less droopy eyelid correction (ptosis) & non surgical aesthetic facial rejuvenating treatments with Toxin & Dermal fillers, to include liquid face lifts.

Due to her extensive experience in cosmetic surgery & rejuvenation, a major part of her current practice also includes revision eyelid surgery, both cosmetic & following eyelid reconstruction.