Starskin | The Gold Face Mask Bio-Cellulose Review

 March 10, 2017
Posted by Benjamin Smith
StarSkin Gold Face Mask

Does Starskin live up to the hype?

Product: Starskin Gold Bio-Cellulose Face Mask

Price: £12.50

Claims: It will make your skin ‘dramatically softer’ and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Key ingredients: 68% evening primrose extract, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, adenosine and kudzu root extract

The science: There’s some early evidence that evening primrose extract improves skin barrier function and has anti-oxidant effects. There’s also a small amount of evidence that biloba leaf, adenosine and kudzu root extra have anti-ageing effects


Ethics policy: our reviews are completely independent and not funded by any skincare brand. Starskin was purchased by Perfect Eyes Ltd and no contact has been made with Starskin

Starskin VIP Gold Bio-Cellulose Face Mask Review

We asked skincare-o-holic to give her opinion on the product. Here’s her field test:

Before and after pictures of Starskin VIP The Gold Mask

Before applying Starskin

As someone who loves to try out different beauty fads, especially if it promises to serve me in my quest for glowing and younger-looking skin, I was very keen to give the Starskin VIP – The Gold Mask a try.  I had read several reviews which all raved about it, with one particular review (the one that made me really keen to try it) stating that it gave results that you would normally only get from a really in-depth anti-ageing facial from a top beauty salon.

I was full of hope for this product.  My particularly problematic areas (in my opinion) are my fine lines and progressively deepening wrinkles.  They are much worse when I am surprised, or smiling, but sadly they are also there when I remain expressionless.  I am also a little obsessed with trying to achieve the best glow to my skin as possible.  When my skin is looking healthy and slightly more plumped with a lovely fresh glow I feel more confident, and worry about my wrinkles less.

My diet on the whole is quite good, nicely balanced with regular fruit and vegetable packed smoothies, but anything that can give me an instant glow regardless of whether I’ve eaten less vegetables that week is also great.  So The Gold Mask had a lot to live up to, and my skin was put under more scrutiny than usual so that I could see whether I would look ‘deeply hydrated and smoothed for a youthful, luminous, movie-star complexion’.


Applying Starskin

A face with Starskin The Gold Mask on

How the mask looks when applied

I had already exfoliated my skin that morning, so after a deep cleanse of my face, I was ready to apply.  The mask was very easy to use.  There are 3 easy steps to follow on the packet.  The texture of the mask was lovely with tons of excess serum that I rubbed into my skin on my face and my neck.  I gently unfolded the mask which was simple to do, and placed it across my face, smoothing out wrinkles and air pockets.  There were a couple of tiny wrinkles in the mask, but I figured that was ok since it would be pretty impossible to have an exact fit.  The mask didn’t slip, it stayed on nicely while I set a 20 minute guided meditation to help me relax and enjoy the experience.

Once removed, I gently patted the rest of the serum into my skin, which never felt heavy or super-greasy.  It all seemed to absorb into my skin well, so although I looked shinier than usual, it didn’t feel uncomfortable or like I wanted to rinse anything off my face.


The Results

A face showing after pictures from applying Starskin

After Starskin

My skin did look plumper, and felt smoother and enriched.  I had a really good look at my wrinkles and fine lines but no change at all.  My skin probably looked younger in a healthier way, but in my opinion not even the fanciest of lotions and potions can get rid of wrinkles, only cosmetic procedures such as botox or fillers can combat those.

The immediate effects of the mask were very positive, with the results being a lovely ‘fresh from a facial’ look and feel to my skin.  The following day I scrutinised my skin again, and I felt that it still looked a lot better than before.  Once I applied my makeup I could really tell the difference.  I didn’t get any compliments on my skin from anyone else, but the most important thing is how I feel about it.

Starskin recommend using the mask twice a week, which would work out pretty expensive (£1,200 a year!). I think for a one-off face mask before going out it’s worth it, but for more regular use it might work out better to get a cosmetic treatment.


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