Sabrina saw me before the surgery

 January 15, 2013
Posted by sabrina

I am writing to you regarding consultant Sabrina Shah-Desai. I was referred to Sabrina five years ago when she was at Morrfields as I had a Basal Cell Carcinaoma on my eye lid.
From my first meeting with Sabrina I was put at ease as she has a vary calming and caring manner. After the surgery I was worried that my eye would never look OK again, however due to the skill of Sabrina my lid healed really well.
For the next five years I had to have check ups and each time I was shown the same caring manner.
When I found out Sabrina had moved to Queens I asked to be referred as I wanted to continue under her care.
On 4th May 2012 I had more surgery as I had heavy upper lids causing symptoms of occular discomfort. Sabrina saw me before the surgery and explained everything to me in a way I would fully understand.
Everyone from the very nice porter who took me down to theatre to the nurse who took care of me afterwards in recovery made me feel as relaxed as I could be and I felt very well cared for.
Sabrina came to see me again while i was in recovery and not all consultants do this.
From the time I was told I had the Basal Cell Carcinoma to the last surgery in May has been a long journey but having a consultant like Sabrina looking after me all this time has made the journey easier to bear.
As we go through life we meet lots of people. Some we forget, some we remember. Sabrina is someone I will never forget.
I can’t put into words how grateful I am to Sabrina but I have had complete strangers tell me I have beautiful eyes so I think that says it all to the skill Sabrina has.
Please make this letter available to Sabrina who I have thanked in person.