Price Guide

Please note this cost guide is for Mrs. Shah-Desai’s professional fees & are guidance only, each individual’s needs and choice of hospital may affect the eventual total price.

Consultation Fees

  • New Aesthetic consultation – £200?
  • Revision Surgery consultation -£250
  • Review consultation – £150


Botulinum Toxin

Men require more Botox than women, hence the costs differ from these. Treatment is divided into zones.

  • 1 zone – £200
  • 2 zones – £250?
  • 3 zones – £350?
  • Extra area – £50

Most people need 3 zones injected per session every 3-6 months: frown lines (between the eye brows), forehead lines (worry lines) & laugh lines (around the eyes), which is £350 / session for women & from £450 / session for men. Botox Brow Lift – from £ 300 Nefertiti neck lift & neck cord erasing from £400

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

  • Advanced Filler (Based on Product) from £550 Eg. tear trough, superior sulcus
  • Dermal Fillers first injection of 1 ml from £400
  • Second ml cheek top up injection (same session) from £350
  • Lip Filler from £350

Eye Peels: Peel £200/peel (most patients need a course of 2-4 peels)

FNS/ Dermapen / Microneedling for collagen Stimulation

  • (patients need a course of 2-4 FNS)
  • Periocular / Perioral: £250/ FNS
  • Full face: £300/FNS

How much does surgery cost?

The cost of surgery is individual and dependent on different factors including the complexity of the surgery, whether you need a combination of procedures, the length of time of surgery, use of high-tech equipment and anesthesia. The price of your Cosmetic Surgery can only be properly assessed when you have had a consultation with Mrs. Shah-Desai. The following is a guide to Mrs. Shah-Desai’s prices for performing surgery at Harley Street & Barnet.

Bilateral upper eyelid lift (upper lid blepharoplasty) From £2,500 including hospital charge, under local anesthetic
Bilateral lower eyelid lift (eyebag removal / lower lid blepharoplasty) From £4,000 including hospital charge, under local anesthetic
Bilateral upper & lower lid blepharoplasty From £6,000 including hospital charge, under local anesthetic
Droopy eyelid scarless (ptosis) surgery

  • Unilateral from £2,000 including hospital charge, under local anesthetic
  • Bilateral from £3000 including hospital charge, under local anesthetic 
  • The following costs are only Surgeons charges as hospital charges differ
Ectropion surgery – one side from £700
Entropion surgery – one side from £700
Eyelid tumour surgery – one side from £500 to £1500
Eyelid reconstructive surgery after Mohs excision of tumour from £1500
Watery eye surgery (punctoplasty) – both sides from £300
Watery eye surgery (DCR – tear duct bypass surgery) – one side from £1500
Facial Palsy lid surgery – one side from £500 to £800
Thyroid eye disease surgery (eyelid lowering) – one side from £800
Removal of lumps / bumps / small lesionsEyelid cyst / chalazion surgery from £250
Removal of xanthelasma from £500
Skin tag removal from £250
Enucleation/ Evisceration(Eye removal with orbital implant) from £1000 to £1500

The average hospital cost of procedures may vary depending on the hospital you choose to have the procedure & generally the hospital costs range from £350 for minor procedures to £3000 for longer more complex cases. Anesthetist costs range from £150 to £500 depending on length of procedure & whether a general anesthetic is required. Histology charges for biopsy or lesion removal range from £150-300.