PLEXR® / PLASMA Treatments – Delivered by an Oculoplastic Surgeon in London

The only oculoplastic surgeon practicing non-surgical blepharoplasty in UK. Unlike other “aesthetic doctors” Mrs. Shah-Desai is best suited to perform soft surgery for the eyelids, based on her extensive knowledge of anatomy & relevant surgical experience.

Mrs. Sabrina Shah-Desai performs Plexr for eyelid lifts; Asian blepharoplasty, brow lifts and believes this is an incredible alternative to revision surgery.

"I had hooded eyelids. I couldn't wear eyeshadow as you really couldn't see it. My eyes looked small and tired most of the time. I saw a consultant and she explained about non-surgical blepharoplasty. I was keen to do it. She applied EMLA cream to my eyelids that stayed on for 45 minutes. The procedure itself was not uncomfortable. It felt a little warm in some areas but other than that nothing. I had some swelling for about 3 days and had an intermittent stinging sensation. I kept my eyelids moist with Vaseline and used ice packs for the first 2 days. I had to use some mineral foundation on my eyelids as there is some bruising and discoloration from the procedure. It is now 2 weeks on and I am very happy with the result. I would definitely recommend this treatment."
Danna, 38 year old
Safety in Beauty “Advisory Panel Expert for Eyes 2015 to 2016”

What is PLASMA?

Plasma is the 4th state of matter and is created when gases in the air are ionised with the help of a special device, which creates a small electrical arc that treats problem areas – without spreading unwanted heat to the surrounding skin. With the help of portable hand piece, Mrs Shah-Desai marks a small grid to create a retraction of the skin by creating combustion of the skin corneocytes, without damaging surrounding tissue. This creates fine grey-brown scales, so-called “carbon dust”, which disappear a few days after each session.

The procedure is carried out in an outpatient setting, under topical or local anesthesia and can be used for numerous aesthetic concerns, treating loose facial skin, scarring, and to perform blepharoplasty and brow lifts. This technique has been used Italy & Greece for many years.

Perfect for eyelids, brows & the neck, this is popular among actors, actresses, and executives.

What does Mrs. Shah-Desai correct with PLASMA / PLEXR®?

  • Saggy/excess upper eyelid skin
  • Baggy lower eyelid skin
  • Crows feet and wrinkles
  • Small skin lesions, warts, xanthelasma
  • Lines and wrinkles (smokers lines)

Why Choose PLASMA / PLEXR®?

  • Specialist Doctor treatment: Precise & natural results
  • Effective: Able to smooth lines and wrinkles & remove excess skin
  • Safe and accurate: Very low risk procedure attend a consultation.

PLASMA / PLEXR® Eyelid Lift vs Blepharoplasty surgery ?

Surgical blepharoplasty is excellent for correcting moderate to severe loose eyelid skin and puffy eyelids. It is still the “gold standard” for patients seeking blepharoplasty, with impressive results lasting more than 10 years, for a few weeks of downtime.

Soft surgery is a new innovative way of tightening loose skin and is an impressive alternative to surgery, allowing a gentle correction of moderate loose skin. For eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty) often 3-4 sessions may be required, which are performed every 6-8 weeks. Perfect for people who want a gradual, scarless correction.

PLASMA / PLEXR® Eyelid Lift. What to expect…

Local anaesthetic cream is applied on cleansed skin for an hour.

After disinfection, the bloodless Plexr treatment will begin; most patients feel some heat and pain. At the end of the session, there will be small black/brown combustion points in the treated area.

Following treatment, the eyelids swell temporarily, which settle in 48-72 hours, and may require use of oral anti inflammatory tablets.

The carbon crust takes from 4 to 10 days to disappear. It is important not to scratch, pick or rub the area treated as a pinkish skin discoloration or hypo/hyperpigmentation could persist.

You will require to use Oxygenatix foundation, which has to be applied on the treated area for one month.

Compatible treatments

Toxin: can enhance results by erasing fine lines and wrinkles and elevating the face by blocking muscle over-activity.

Dermal Fillers: Hyaluronic acid based filler can support the muscles on resorbing bone, and help reduce line and wrinkles due to muscle over-activity.

Men vs Women

Excellent surgical option for men due to subtle results, which avoid the stigma of surgery.


Potential temporary side effects of this treatment?

  1. Swelling for 24-72 hours post treatment.
  2. Carbon crust (grey/brown scales generally for 1 week)

You should not have PLEXR® soft surgery if you

  • Are pregnant
  • Have very dark skin as there is a risk of pale spots (hypopigmentation) or post inflammatory dark spots (hyperpigmentation), especially if the carbon crusts are picked or scratched.

Price Guide

Prices are a guide; your doctor will calculate total costs during consultation.

  • Eyelid blepharoplasty from £550 (for each session)
  • Peri-oral / smokers lines from £550 (for each session)
  • Neck skin tightening from £750 (for each session)
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