Leading Cosmetic Eye Surgery Expert

 January 18, 2015
Posted by sabrina

A leading Consultant Ophthalmic Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr Shah-Desai runs private practices across London, including St Johns Wood, Barnet, Essex and in the heart of London, at Harley Street. She is internationally recognised for her expertise in treating a range of eye health and cosmetic concerns, from reconstructive and rehabilitative surgery to aesthetic anti ageing
treatments using injectables.

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Dr Shah-Desai is the go-to expert for patients needing bespoke eyelid lifts  (blepharoplasty), scarless droopy eyelid correction (ptosis) and revision cosmetic eyelid surgery.

She is highly experienced in non-surgical treatments. As an Oculoplastic surgeon, her understanding of the anatomy of the eye area is extemporary. She is one of the few experts in the UK, who specialises in delivering botulinum toxin (Botox) and dermal fillers around the delicate periorbital zone.

In addition, she regularly treats patients with eyelid malpositions (ectropion, entropion), eyelid and periorbital lumps, skin cancers and watery eyes. She is frequently called upon by those who require restorative eyelid surgery after thyroid eye disease, facial paralysis, blind eye removal, plus rehabilitative eye socket surgery, including orbital implants and fat grafts. She also offers advanced treatments for dry and inflammed eyes (blepharitis) and for facial dystonia – a condition that causes involuntary and repetitive facial twitching.

Her NHS practice is based at Queen’s, a busy acute NHS hospital, where she heads the division of oculoplastic surgery, providing complex care and specialist oculoplastic services for the population of Outer North East London and Essex.

She is also a keen educator who frequently lectures at conventions around the world and her research is published in peer reviewed medical journals and textbooks.