Eyes – Ageing around the world.

 January 18, 2015
Posted by sabrina

The effect of ageing can vary depending on our race. Ophthalmic and Oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Sabrina Shah-Desai explains why our skin colour can determine how the eye area will age

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Oriental skin is made up of higher levels of melanin, the pigment that provides skin with natural protection from sun damage. As a result, signs of ageing around the eye zone, show up much later in life. However, melanin also makes skin more prone to pigmentation. Most Orientals are born without an upper eyelid crease, which can cause the lashes to droop or give rise to a sleepy appearance. Also, loss of elasticity and a weaker skeletal support leads to under eye hollows and cheek flattening.

TREATMENT: Hollowness under the eyes can be padded out with hyaluronic acid fillers around the mid face. Asian blepharoplasty, also know as double eyelid surgery, can give a higher crease and remove excess skin, muscle and fat, whilst maintaining ethnicity. Pigmentation around the eye zone can be addressed with skincare containing ingredients such as vitamin C and kojic acid.



Hispanic and Latino skin tones can range from light to very dark. The skin of these ethnic groups contains a fair amount of melanin, making them less likely to show signs of ageing until they hit their 40s. Like Oriental and African American skin, they are more prone to developing skin discolouration. Hispanics tend to have a lower brow position as compared to Caucasians, which can sag relatively early and cause brow drooping. Dark circles under the eyes are also common and this  is due to volume loss along the eye socket (tear trough area).

TREATMENT: Non-surgical rejuvenation using fillers along the tear trough area along with a Botox brow lift are excellent options for this ethnic group.



Not only does African American skin contain the most amount of melanin, which protects their complexion from the ageing-affects of the sun, but their skin is also thicker, therefore wrinkles show up much later in life. On the downside, more melanin puts this skin type at a higher risk of pigmentation.When it comes to the eye area, the main concerns for African Americans, is droopy eyelids (ptosis), bulgy-looking eyes and rounding at the outer corner.

TREATMENT: Dermal fillers used around the mid-face can add volume and rejuvenate the eye zone. Droopy lids can be recontoured with scarless ptosis surgery, which involves tightening the levator muscle to elevate the upper eyelid.



Caucasian skin usually ages faster than any other ethnic group. The main reason is that this skin type contains low levels of melanin and it is also thinner, making factors such as upper
eyelid hooding, eye bags and crow’s feet more visible.

TREATMENT: Fine line and wrinkles around the eyes can be addressed with touches of Botox, which helps to relax the muscles and smooth out lines. Those with droopy or sagging lids should consider a blepharoplasty or an eyelid lift, as it is also known. The surgical procedure involves removing excess tissue to reduce bagginess from the lower eyelids or removing excess skin from the upper eyelids to make the eyes appear more alert.