EYE BOOST Launch, London

 November 20, 2015
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Consultant ophthalmologist and aesthetic oculoplastic surgeon Mrs Sabrina Shah-Desai presented her new ‘Eye-Boost’ procedure in a private room at Chutney Mary restaurant in London on November 4.

Friends, practitioners and members of the press were treated to breakfast at the Indian restaurant before Mrs Shah-Desai presented her new procedure, which aims to diminish eye bags and dark circles. She spoke about the anatomy of the eye, before explaining how she came to create her new eye treatment.

The Eye-Boost treats the tear trough – the area between the eyelid and the cheek – by placing a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler into the thin skin of the lower eyelid and medial tear trough; not deeply in the inner corner under the eyes, which Mrs Shah-Desai believes is the more common procedure.

“As we get older, the eye area can age in a number of ways,” said Mrs Shah-Desai. “One of the biggest problems is the tear trough area – the hollow between the eye and the upper cheek, which can deepen, creating a tired look. It can also make dark circles and eye bags appear more prominent.”

Mrs Shah-Desai explained that the filler aims to strengthen the skin’s inner matrix and add volume to pronounced tear troughs, plumping hollows and rejuvenating the area. Mrs Shah-Desai claims to be the first practitioner in the country to use this technique and has been thrilled by the results seen from her patients so far.

“I am hoping to educate patients and the industry as the tear trough is a complex area and should only be treated by practitioners who are highly experienced.” Said Mrs Shah-Desai. “The true tear trough is prone to overfilling and the Tyndall effect – so this new treatment is exciting as it improves this high-risk area without creating ‘speed bumps or sausages’ under the eye. In addition, I believe there is no risk of blindness, as the injections are not placed near the deep blood vessels. I was really pleased at the interest generated by the Eye Boost treatment press launch on the November 4.”