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There’s nothing like a spot of hay fever to ruin a picnic or barbecue, but you need not spend your spring and summer indoors (or buried in tissue) as we’ve uncovered some new ways to tackle the allergy.
If you suffer from hay fever year on year, you will know all too well […]

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Q. Can anything be done to banish my puffy-looking eyelids? Both of my sisters suffer from them too. They are particularly bad in the mornings!
A. Because it’s worse in the morning, I will assume your puffiness is due to water retention and not fat deposits (which can be surg […]

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It is a much mentioned dilemma for both men and women who begin to see the first signs of ageing often around the eye area where the skin is thinner and more delicate.  Here at Totally Aesthetic we have our own thoughts and our favourite brands but we wanted to ask the best Con […]