How to choose the right Vitamin C serum

 February 2, 2017
Posted by Benjamin Smith

If you’re into skincare, the chances are that you’ve already tried a Vitamin C serum. For good reason too – topical application of Vitamin C serum has been shown to reduce the signs of photo ageing and effectively hydrate the skin in double-blind studies (source).

vitamin c serum

Vitamin C serum acts as a super-hydrator for your skin


However, picking the right Vitamin C serum is tricky. The serum is notoriously unstable, and when packaged or stored incorrectly it becomes ineffective for your skin. Here are the four key factors you need to check before buying a serum.

Strength: depending on your skin type (check our guide here), Vitamin C serum may irritate your skin. The cited study, which demonstrated reduced photo ageing, contained 10% ascorbic acid, which is a good balance for most skin types. People with oily skin may want to start with this strength and move up to 20%.

Storage: Vitamin C serum becomes ineffective when exposed to sunlight or air for too long. Pick products stored in a dark coloured, glass bottle sealed against the air. Opt for a pump container if possible, this will help to keep the product from becoming contaminated. Vitamin C serum should be perfectly clear, if it’s cloudy then it has reacted with air or sunlight.

Combination: since Vitamin C serum is so difficult to keep stable, beware of picking a product which combines this and other powerful ingredients such as vitamin a. It’s best to stick with a product which focuses on the Vitamin C serum.

Purchasing: beware of buying from Amazon and eBay, unless you know what you’re looking for. Products from these sites often have fake reviews and may use counterfeit products. Buy from a trusted retailer first until you can easily recognise the quality of the product.

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