15 Minute Skincare Workout

 February 24, 2017
Posted by Benjamin Smith

Winter’s a tough season for our skin, leaving it dry and lacking its usual zing. The good news is that it’s easy to make small changes to your lifestyle to get your glow back. Here’s a daily workout for your skin which only takes 15 minutes. Each element has been associated with making visible differences to your skin quality in scientific studies.



We’ve all noticed how a bad diet affects our skin – one chocolate bar too many and we’re hit with a breakout of spots and irritation. Opting for a healthier diet makes a significant difference to how clear and youthful your skin looks. Here’s two ways to change your diet and improve your skin quality:

Reduce your sugar intake – Takes 5 minutes

Heart shaped sweets - not good for your skin

Cut your sugar intake to start making an instant difference to your skin

High sugar diets make acne worse and cause skin inflammation – leading to advanced ageing. Scientists are still trying to work out why sugar has these effects, but the leading theory is that sugar increases your sebum production. Sebum is the oily substance that keeps your skin from drying out, but too much of it and you have oily skin with blocked pores.

Check the sugar content labels on your food and beware of low-fat alternatives which often contain lots of sugar

Take a collagen supplement- Takes 2.5 minutes

Collagen supplements have been associated with significant improvements in the signs of ageing and skin quality. Although some scientists question whether other variables could be playing a role, early evidence is positive for the impact of these supplements on our skin.

Buy collagen peptide supplements and add them to your diet

Eat more fruit and vegetables – Takes 5 minutes

A basket of fruit and berries

Take a fruit or vegetable snack pot to work to get more of your 5 a day

Studies show that a varied diet, rich in fruit and vegetables, has a beneficial impact on skin quality within 6 weeks. Fruit and vegetables help to improve texture, tone, youthful appearance and (if that wasn’t enough) they’re also associated with a drop in skin cancer risk.

This is because food rich in antioxidants protect skin from sun damage and help your body to deal with free radicals. Unfortunately, the same effect hasn’t been observed for taking supplements (so no cheating allowed).

Make yourself a snack pot full of chopped fruit, nuts and vegetables to make an instant difference to your diet.



Takes 2.5 minutes

A range of skincare creams

Adjust your skincare regime to get the best out of your skin

Small changes to your morning and evening routine can make a big difference to your skin. You can bring fresh, bright skin to the surface by adding chemical exfoliants to your routine, and can keep your skin hydrated and protected with nourishing serums. Take a look at our Ultimate Skincare Routines for more advice on tackling stubborn skin problems.

Morning: add a cream with copper peptides to build resilience in your skin and finish with a broad spectrum high SPF sun cream for protection

Evening: use a retinol cream to bring fresh skin to the surface and Vitamin C serum to hydrate and give extra protection from sun damage



Cut out (or reduce) smoking – Saves 5 minutes

A woman running

Get your blood pumping to push more oxygen to your skin

Smoking is the second biggest cause of ageing, after sun exposure. It increases wrinkling and damages collagen and elastin in your skin, leading to an older appearance. If you can’t cut out smoking completely then at least start reducing today. Any reduction will help to visibly improve your skin.

Get moving – Takes 5 minutes

Getting your heart pumping increases blood flow to your skin, carrying oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells. Sitting for most of the day in an office with air conditioning doesn’t bring out the best of our skin, so set some time aside to get outside (with sun protection) and get the heart pumping.

It doesn’t need to be running, any activity that raises your heart rate will do.


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